Pattern Errata…

Oops! We tested and tested again, but alas, there is a mistake…

  • Petal Pop Flower Runner, Petal Pop Santa Runner and Petal Pop Christmas Tree Runner Error
    • Step #3: Should read this way:
      • Cut four 2 inch wide by 42 inch long strips for the outer border pieces. Sub-cut two of the strips in half lengthwise to measure 2 inches wide by 21 inches long.
    • Step #5: Should read this way:
      • Attach the two 1 ½ inch by 42 inch pieces from Step 2 to both sides of the center foundation piece. Trim excess fabric to square up corners. 
  • Petal Pop Zinnia Pillow
    • Step 2: Petal prep. To expedite the cutting process, each fat quarter can be folded in a way to yield 8 petals from one fat quarter. Fold the fat quarter lengthwise measuring down 6.5 inches. Next, make a fold 5.5 inches from one edge. Fold a second time measuring in 5.5 inches and a third time. You will now have 8 layers of fabric. Only cut this many layers if you are comfortable doing so.
    • Step #14 – Center Loops or Fringe: The pattern shows an illustration in step #14 that shows how to fringe the center. The front illustration shows a loopy fringe. It is the makers choice if you want a true fringe in which all ends are cut or if you want a loopy fringe in which the loops are not cut as picture on the front. To achieve the loopy fringe, cut on the folded side. See illustration for Step #14 for a visual aid. You will fold the strip the opposite direction of the illustration for a loopy fringe.