I offer custom and edge-to edge long-arm quilting.  Free motion and/or computerized design patterns are available.   I prefer to use batting that I have in stock as it has less wrinkles than packaged batting.  Please let me know what type of batting you have if you are supplying your own.  There are some battings that do not yield a good final result.  I stock 100% cotton Warm & Natural, but am open to using other battings upon request.

Service Type Notes
Edge-to-Edge design Starts at 2.5 cents per square inch

(All over pattern) Starts at 2.5 cents per square inch

$.025 to $.0350  per square inch Examples:  Loops, swirls, straight lines, wavy lines, meander, loose floral patterns
Custom or dense free motion design $.05 and UP per square inch, dependent on the designs requested and how many different designs used in the quilting. Custom and dense design quilts will have more than one quilting design in the quilting and will incur a higher fee.

Examples of custom and dense quilting designs:  feathers, stitch in the ditch, swirl/feather combos, micro stipple.

Requests for different designs in different portions of the quilt are considered custom quilts. For example, one design in pieced blocks and another design in the borders, etc.

Thread Thread cost is included in quilting unless a specialty thread is requested.
Batting $8.00-$13.00 per yard Based on type of batting chosen.

100% Cotton Warm & Natural

60% Cotton/40% Poly Black

Available upon request:

Hobbs 80/20

Quilters Dream

Seaming Back Fabric together or attaching borders $15.00 per seam This charge will be incurred if the backing is brought without it being sewn together prior to drop-off.
Binding Costs:
Binding – Prepare straight cut binding and attach by Machine $0.20 per linear inch Attached to back and machine stitched to front of the quilt
Binding  – Prepare bias cut binding and attach by Machine $0.50 per linear inch Attached to back and machine stitched to front of the quilt
Binding – Prepare binding and attach to quilt front $1.00 per linear inch Attached to front of the quilt, hand stitched to the back of the quilt

Approximate costs of quilting (All prices below calculated on $0.025 per square inch price. The larger the quilt, the more time it takes, therefore, the price is higher.)

Type of Quilt Size of Quilt Approximate Cost*
Baby Any size less than lap size $50.00 minimum
Lap 50” x 60” $75.00
Twin 63” x 87” $137.00
Double 78” x 87” $170.00
Queen 84” x 92” $193.00
King 92″ x 102″ $234.00

* Additional charges may be applied for sales tax, batting, thread, squaring, pressing, binding, etc.

Length X Width = Square inches.  Multiply the square inches times the cost.  For example, a twin size quilt measures 63 inches x 87 inches.

63 x 87 = 5,481 square inches.

5,481 x $0.025 = $137.02